New Details Emerge on COD Infinite Warfare’s Campaign


The latest Call of Duty installment, Advanced Warfare, has been subject to intense criticism since its reveal, with fans frustrated by the series’ sticking to a futuristic setting. However, the developers seem determined to head in this direction, evidenced by a recent piece speaking to Forbes.

Taylor Kurosaki, Narrative Director at Infinity Ward, who’s heading up the campaign’s story, asserts that they “are telling the most realistic, plausible near-future story of war” and reiterating that “Infinite Warfare is first and foremost a Call of Duty game, which means visceral infantry combat as well as piloting vehicles.”

A few other things the developers talked about were:

  • Factions: You play as Captain Nick Reyes of the United Nations Space Alliance, fighting the insurgent group, the Settlement Defense Fron, who “want to control off-planet outposts and their wealth, putting a stranglehold on the countries  of Earth,” says Jacob Minkoff, Infinity Ward’s Design Director on Infinite Warfare. “We start our story in the middle of a sneak attack from The Front against the people of Earth.”
  • Air Combat: Players will take control of the ‘Jackal’ fighter jet in “open dogfighting arenas with full freedom of flight in all directions, where you will take part in battles against both capital ships and enemy fighters, as well as exciting on-rails attack runs.” The standout feature this time around, though, is the seamless transitions from the Carrier hub, out into space to dogfight against enemies, and into boots-on-the-ground combat without loading.
  • Space Combat: Infinite Warfare will have “fast and exciting” zero-gravity combat, combining thrusters, mag-boots and grapples to allow for frenetic, non-linear combat.
  • Single-Player: Unlike Black Ops 3, which had online and split-screen co-op for the campaign, Infinite Warfare will feature a traditional single-player campaign, so players “feel the weight of command as Captain Reyes.”
  • Additonally, the devs mention that Infinite Warfare’s narrative will be independent of other COD series such as Modern Warfare or Black Ops. 

Infinity Ward seems insistent that Infinite Warfare will make good use of its futuristic setting and deliver a game that defies current disappointment, but we certainly need to see a lot more if fan concerns can be allayed.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare comes out on November 4th, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.