New AMD Crimson Drivers Can Potentially Burn Your GPUs


We have been coming across several reports of a severe overheating issue with the new AMD Crimson drivers ever since their release. AMD finally confirmed the issue on Twitter yesterday. They have acknowledged the issue and said that they are working on a hotfix, which is scheduled to be released sometime today. According to AMD themselves, this is an issue that’s for the moment only affecting cards that have been overclocked. We have also found a temporary hotfix in Reddit that can be applied until then.

The overheating issue seems to be caused by the fan speed of the GPU being stuck at 20% even during peak gameplay. It has reportedly damaged the hardware of many AMD users. Some have reported that any software that regulates fan speed can be used to circumvent the issue, but we cannot officially confirm it yet.

This is not the first time such a blunder has taken place. Back in 2010, Nvidia released a driver that messed up the fan speed similarly and back then a lot of cards were destroyed too. It seems GPU companies are not learning from their past mistakes. We hope AMD fixes the issue soon.

Source: Reddit