NerdMeet 1.5 and The Future


A small disclosure before we begin this article. Given the fact that I was one of the organizers of NerdMeet 1.5, my coverage will be at least a tiny bit biased, which should be obvious. 

Growing up in India as a gamer or a nerd is generally tough given the fact that we never seem to get anyone to talk to about these subjects. Everytime a similar subject comes up, one person in the room falls asleep or someone else deviates the topic into an inevitable quest to find the meaning of life. Especially so if you’re growing up in the Eastern part of India where you’ll get even less support.

For the most part, NerdMeet 1.5 was a collaborative attempt between us, TechArx, and RevCo in this part of the world to bring out the nerd culture into the limelight and help it climb up to the top of the social ladder where it belongs. Along with the help of Nvidia and sponsors such as Zotac, Cooler Master and MD Computers, we tried doing a few things that never happened here before and for the most part succeeded. We did also stumble across quite a few obstacles, such as having to cancel the anime panel that we said we’d do at the event day itself, but fortunately, that didn’t deter us from going forward with everything.

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At the event we tried doing things such as a gaming panel, where we had panelists from the game industry interacted with the audience. We even got the chance to showcase high end technology like VR and demonstrated the benefits of Overclocking along with a small how-to-do-it-yourself crash course/workshop which had a lot of attention from everyone coming in. Overall, NerdMeet 1.5 was a humble beginning for something different that we were aiming and also for more similar activities around Kolkata and East India.

While we had less people than expected at NerdMeet 1.5, everyone who came seemed to enjoy the event to their hearts content. We realize we didn’t do the marketing properly for it because of which we ended up with less people than the number we were targeting. Because of which we had a lot of free food left (which were meant for the audience), and hence we decided to donate all the remaining food to Responsible Charity.

You can check out most of the pictures from NerdMeet 1.5 in the slideshow above or you can go to this link right here to view the entire gallery at the highest resolution.

When we started out with ASidCast, we didn’t know how far we would get. We knew that we had to do something to better the industry because we couldn’t, or rather shouldn’t, be depending solely on others to improve the industry while we sit and do nothing. Our expectations were similar when we hosted the first NerdMeet last year as well. However, after almost two and a half years of ASidCast and two NerdMeets later, we know that we can do a lot to change the industry for the better. So without spoiling much, let me just end this article by stating that there’s much more to come. Not only are we planning the next NerdMeet but we’re planning a lot more alongside it as well and not only for gamers but nerds of all kind.