Natec Genesis Annouce a 1VS1 CS:GO Championship


Esports surely seems to be reaching its golden era in India. With major international brands and companies such as ESL and MLG now showing genuine interest in this country of 1.2 billion people, it comes as no surprise that others shall follow suit soon enough. Natec Genesis, a popular gaming peripheral manufacturer from Poland now enters the foray with the announcement of a 1VS1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament scheduled to kick off sometime in  June.


Featuring three different aim maps with reserved slots only for 128 people, all the games will be hosted by Drag2Death on their servers. It is going to be a single elimination format with every game being best-of-1 for the initial games, moving on to best-of-3’s in the later stages. The event is scheduled to be in the late evening hours every day while semi-finals and finals will be on weekends.

The prize pool split for the event is as follows:

  • 1st prize – 3000 in cash
  • 2nd prize – 2000 in cash
  • 3rdprize – 1000 in cash
  • Bonus: MVP – Gets official Natec Genesis gaming products. (Determined based on performance)

Speaking about this event, here is what the national distributor for this brand, Mr. Lalit Jain of Sunder Electronics had to say:

“India is an eSports developing nation, with the right push and investments, India can be the best eSports market in the world in near future. We will be conducting DotA 2 and FIFA events at a later stage after successfully commencing the first one.”

We, at ASidCast wish to see this event achieve success and thus send our best wishes to Natec Genesis in this unique venture of theirs, and hope to see you all register quickly right here!

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