MSI VR-Ready Vortex Hits the Market with Dual GTX 980


Over the years many “non-gamers” or old school people referred the PCs as “Trash Can”, and now we literally have one in a can-size, only it is way cooler than a usual PC and has the potential to give even designers at Apple a tough time. You’ll be amazed at what this can contains!

This wonder, is the new Vortex gaming PC, developed by manufacturer MSI and has recently been released. The Vortex measures only 10.5 inches in height, which, according to MSI is about the size of a sub-woofer, but do not underestimate it’s might by it’s size! The PC is powered by up to 4.0 GHz Intel Core i7-6700K, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, dual GeForce GTX 980 cards and a Super RAID 4 set-up for onboard storage, and it’s VR-ready.

As cool as the machine sounds, you may have already guessed that it will land a huge blow on your bank account. Well, this small PC starts at $2200 and can be bought by online retailers and as well as from the MSI Vortex page which also features some additional information about this tiny wonder.


This little powerhouse, has some serious power, sometimes even surpassing traditional PCs. The Vortex can support up to six simultaneous video outputs, and is also 4K compatible, and should easily power Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR. The Vortex also features DoubleShot X3 Pro connectivity, which would please a lot of online gamers, resulting in less lags as you shoot the miserable bad guys in the quarantined Manhattan.

In addition to the above features, a mobile app for Android and iOS allows to adjust the machine’s performance on the move!


The Vortex still has another efficient trick up its cabinet – its cooling. According to manufacturer MSI, the Vortex has the company’s 360-degree Silent Storm Cooling technology. The system, as MSI says, “creates a vortex-shaped wind path”. So, you’ve guessed from where the name comes… the cooling system!

Source: PCWorld