Moirai is a Flash of Brilliance


Moirai is an experimental, first person indie game created by Chris Johnson, Brad Barrett and John Oestmann.

The game opens with townsfolk telling you that a woman named Julia has gone missing. You venture out into the cave just beyond the village looking for her. You’re given a knife to protect yourself. What you find there may surprise you.

Chris Johnson, the lead developer for the game, developed Expand in 2015 which was selected in several indie game showcase awards. So we expected this game to be something unique like it was with Expand, and we weren’t disappointed. The ending in particular was superb and truly unexpected. While Expand was a puzzle game, this one is story intensive. This game’s uniqueness lies in the ending and its ingenuity, and definitely worth its short playthrough.


moirai 1 moirai 2 moirai 3 moirai 4

The gameplay is super smooth and the player movement is achieved with W,A,S,D and Q,E for strafing, making navigating through the game super easy.

Also, a little tidbit: Moirai, phonetically similar to Mirai means ‘the future’ in Japanese. It is also related to the word Moerae meaning fates, like the sister who decide on human fate in Greek mythology. These are relevant to the game itself, but revealing any more would be spoiling it too much. Play this one, and discover it for yourself