Microsoft Bought a Company to make Multiplayer Gaming More Fun


A few days back Microsoft launched their new console named Xbox One S, this console was a big success for Microsoft. Xbox One S sold an enormous amount. The stocks were out before its launch. After all this success Xbox One S encountered some issues after the 4K update, and we hope that Microsoft will fix them soon.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced they bought a new company named Beam to make multiplayer gaming more addictive, Beam is a game-steaming service. This company is few months old but within few months it successfully conquered a community of 100,000 gamers.


Microsoft didn’t disclose the price of the deal, We personally don’t think it was a very costly deal as Beam is only a few months old. This company has a very unique and fresh idea which can redefine multiplayer gaming.

Beam, similar to Twitch, has a unique quality which helps players to interact and influence the game. This software helps viewers to make an impact on the game. This software lets you give players challenges or even making real-time choices that affect their gameplay. Like, you can challenge a player to play a game with a specific gun.


Beam made a beta version of the software in May and the software is still under development. This software was available for the general public during the development stage.

Let’s see what Beam Interactive CEO and co-founder Matt Salsamendi has to say:


This acquisition will help gamers enjoy the games they want, with the people they want, and on the devices they want.

“As Beam becomes part of Team Xbox, you’ll see awesome new features, epic new interactive game integrations, and a huge influx of new community members!”

Microsoft is giving us surprises after surprises. First Project Scorpio, then the acquisition of Beam, it can be a huge turning point for multiplayer games. This software will help us build a more compact community. If this idea works, I am pretty sure PS4 and PC will also do something similar to this.

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