How Reddit Saved an Indie Development company


IFeelLuckyTonight is a reddit user who also happens to have experienced the phrase ‘Life is stranger than fiction’, to put it in his own words. He acts in as the CEO of his own indie development company which goes by the name Bugbyte. Ltd. To put some facts on table and as the title suggests, the phrase holds true when you learn that he and his company was saved from complete bankruptcy, By Reddit.

Around 5 months ago, he posted an AMA on reddit at the brink of complete disaster. ‘I’ve put my heart and soul into this, survived through panic attacks and constant disappointment’ and ‘For the past two years we have been working on a game series called Battlestation and our second Kickstarter is about to fail once again’ read his bio around that time around. This post of his then went on to blow up on reddit, as his updated edit on the same read ‘Oh wow this is blowing up! Our home pages can’t sustain the traffic! I’m so humbled by all of your questions. I will do my best to answer all of them!’


As life progressed and his AMA garnered attention to even feature on the front page of reddit, IFeelLuckyTonight went on to be contacted by ‘CEO’s with million exits’, and ‘talented marketing professionals, even from the movie industry’ which he discloses in his next AMA. And magic is knowing that all of them were redditors who simply wanted to help. With none of them asking anything in return. ‘It was overwhelming’, he adds in. ‘With their help we turned our business around, we are still here! We created a new Kickstarter to bring our game Battlestation: Harbinger on Steam, and immediately succeeded for the first time, raising $8000 on top of our $10 000 goal.’

He ends on his bio in that AMA expressing his thankfulness and his desire to share his journey with all of these professionals and everything he got to learn from them. We now bring to you some of the most interesting questions and posts asked on his threads.


Q: While your story had a bit of a fairy tale ending, are you at all jaded that your success in the indie video game scene was the result of a random twist of fate? Does that make you discouraged with your future games, knowing that despite all your hard work, there’s a good chance that they’ll be overlooked by sheer coincidence?

A: It doesn’t make me discouraged. This industry is based on luck to some extent, and the more you learn the more you can work to depend less on that luck. I feel we get more and more experience all the time, and in the future we can make better decisions.

Q: Wow that’s a profound way to look at it. People like to say “Blah you’re either born into an environment that allows success or you’re lucky, there’s no point in working hard because you’ll get shat on no matter what” which I believed was true to a certain extent, but I’ve always wanted to say “Try anyway! The more you try, the lesser the chances of you being trapped where you are. Even if it’s not foolproof, it’s better than moping about your unprivileged life.” The more you learn, the more you can work, the less you have to depend on luck or predisposed opportunity. I’ll have to remember that. Thank you for the inspiration!

A: We went on for almost 4 years with no sales to speak of! We had plenty of opportunities to give up, but that stubborness inside us kept us pushing. I’m so glad we did!

Q: What suggestions will you give to someone who wants to develop their own game? As I understand it different than developing an app. Thanks for your time.

A: Find the right team, a team that compliments your weaknesses. We have that in our team, all 3 of us are good at something, and we compliment each others weaknesses.

Q: I’m an artist trying to get into working in the games industry, ideally on the indie side of things, which I’ve noticed is even harder than finding opportunities with big studios because of how little information exists about indie games and devs before their games are almost done. Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into indie game development (particularly artists), where to look for opportunities, or anything like that?

A: The competition is as fierce with artist as the industry in itself for games. Your portfolio is key, build upon it. You have to be really versatile to separate yourself, or truly outstanding in something specific. For indies though, versatility is usually a big plus. Because the needs are wide and can often change quickly.

Q: Have you had time to reflect on where you went wrong before? What were some of the miscues you made and what have you done to ensure you don’t make them again in the future?

A: We weren’t able to plan things before hand good enough, I can only say that inexperience does that to you. It’s a very common problem for many aspiring game developers.
“This will take 1 year and then we release!”. And then it ends up taking 2 years and all money is gone. It’s so so hard to estimate how long a game will take to create if you don’t have experience.

Be sure to check out the games offered by them on mobile which are on Android and Apple devices. And don’t forget to check out the PC version of the same that just released on the 24th of February. And in case you wanted to see their trailer first, we got you covered. Find the link below.