Massive Hitman 2 Leak – Mission Locations Include Mumbai


As someone who is from Mumbai, when I first read that Hitman 2 will have a level set in Mumbai, I completely freaked out.

A huge data leak occurred recently this week in PDF format, giving out a large chunk of Hitman 2’s concept design. The leak came from data recovered through server assets stored on IO Interactive’s official server.  While the familiar staple locations will undoubtedly be expanded upon, this time Agent 47 might come back to India!

The new location – Mongoose, Mumbai has one major target and two optional targets. From the description, the mission seems to revolve around a Bollywood film shooting. The area in the artwork is a densely populated slum, showcasing decrepit houses closely packed together. Naturally, you’ll also be able to don various disguises. Some of the crazier ones include a Dabbawala, Auntie, Barber, Tailor and the Queen’s Guard! 


This isn’t the first time IO interactive has created an Indian setting for Hitman, it first happened way back in 2002, when Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin released. Taking place in Punjab, it saw Agent 47 taking on a cult of fanatics for the Agency. Though amazing for its time, the levels felt largely empty due to technological constraints. With the reboot in 2016, we saw a similar setting with dense population :  Marrakesh.  Needless to say, with refined gameplay formula which will carry over from the Hitman reboot and much better tech today, we’ll be able to experience Agent 47’s visit to India in the most definitive manner.

The other locations include –

  • Miami – Florida
  • Bogotá – Colombia
  • New Zealand City – New Zealand
  • North Sea City – North Sea
  •  Suburbia – North America

The leak lists various tools and mission items as well, you can read more here – [spoilers]  LINK

You can pre-order Hitman 2 on Steam for ₹ 1,349