Marvel’s Contest of Champions Copied Animations From Capcom?


Marvel and Capcom have had their history, putting out a number of Marvel vs Capcom games, but beginning with the contract expiration in 2014, the two companies have had a muddled run. This seems to have come to a head with characters from Marvel’s uber-popular mobile fighting game, Contest of Champions, apparently using the same animations as popular Street Fighter characters such as Chun Li.

YouTuber Maximilian Dood has pointed out inescapable similarities between the power moves of Spiderman (Marvel) and Chun-Li (Capcom), and Luke Cage (Marvel) and Cody (Capcom):

Now, it seems unclear if this is blatant plagiarism on the part of Marvel or Contest‘s publishers, Kabam, or merely spectacular coincidence. Some have posited that this might be a homage to Capcom characters. Others speculate that some of the animations may have been obtained from an outsourced studio, who are possibly the real plagiarizers, rather than this being a cheap shot by Marvel.

Either way, this incident will do no good for the relationship between the two companies, especially if Capcom decodes to take some sort of action against this perceived slight. Which is a real shame, considering that the Marvel vs Capcom games were quite a lot of fun.