LXG Announces Dotanator, A Dota 2 Tournament with a Twist


League of Extraordinary Gamers, riding high over the success of Video Games Fest, 2015, already has us Dota 2 players in for a treat to celebrate the start of a New Year. In association with Make a Difference, which is a charitable organization, LXG is all set to host and organize a Dota 2 tournamet.

The twist? All the proceeds go to charity.

Make A Difference is a charitable non-governmental organization that focuses on helping under privileged children of the nation by providing them with amenities and resources needed for their education and well-being, for those of you who didn’t know. And we certainly hope for the best for them in the future, and wish to see such great initiatives undertaken for them, for not only does it help those needy, but also introduces a new chapter in the e-sports scene of India.


Dwelling on a few details:

#1. The format of the tournament will be your standard 5vs5 Captains Mode with a BO1 Single Elimination we are left with the best 8. From then on, the matches will be a BO1 Double Elimination with the coveted Grand Finals set to be a Best of 3.

#2. All matches will be broadcasted by their in-house shout casting studio, LXG India TV. Get the link of the stream to be put under your bookmarks here. Don’t worry people, LXG has you covered!

#3. The total prize pool of the event is set to be INR 20,000. Registration fees per team are INR 2000, counting INR 400 per person and an early bird registration fee of INR 1250 per team (INR 250 per person). Merits of registering as an early bird will also get you 2 hours at LXG for FREE. And remember, all proceeds go to charity!

Be sure to check out Make A Difference’s Facebook page and their website which you will find here. Dates for the event will be announced shortly. And make sure to check out this awesome video on it!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSrjKNh8rTk]