Lucid Labs Reveal Debut PC Venture, That Little Star


Lucid Labs has revealed their debut PC game That Little Star which is their take on the narrative adventure genre with a focus on playing with emotions as they have tried to achieve with their previous mobile games. In the game, player takes the role of a 12 year old boy called Edward who is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome but that doesn’t stop him from being a genius. Edward, who doesn’t easily understand human emotions, finds out someone has killed his neighbor’s dog, the same dog Edward used to play with on his way back from school. Relying heavily on logic for his day to day routine, he must use his logical thinking to track down the killer and avenge the death of his ‘friend’. Taking inspirations from the best-selling book ‘The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time’, the game takes you on an emotional journey shown through the eyes of a 12 year old boy who’s trying to ‘fit’ in a world crafted on the beliefs set by human beings. Players take part in the narrative and have control over the outcome of the story by choosing how to play out a situation. The game is planned for a 2017 release on Steam. Lucid Labs will be regularly sharing the progress of the development via the game’s Facebook page and their website.


I’m personally hyped for That Little Star because narrative-driven adventures are something I like to play to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and like they say on their website,

We Make Video Games (not) For The Masses

a welcome respite from the swarms of AAA games.

About Lucid Labs

Lucid Labs is an independent game developer from India which likes to work on artistic games with focus on emotions and narrative. Having released 2 games on mobile, they have received special recognition from Apple itself with various honors such as “Best New Game”, “Games We Love”, ‘Top 5 Games from India” and more. Their games have been featured in major online publications such as TechRadar, Stuff, Kill Screen, Gamezebo, IGN and more.