LEGO Spoils Captain America: Civil War


Lego over the past few years have been gaining infamy for spoiling Marvel movies, with them spoiling Iron Man 3 and Avengers Age of Ultron. Even Ryan Reynolds poked fun at the toy brick company by posting this hilarious tweet about Lego ‘supposedly’ ruining his then upcoming film Deadpool.

Ok, so before I start explaining what Lego spoiled this time, I’d like to give a potential Spoiler Alert. Anything beyond this is a tiny/huge spoiler.

Spoiler Alert
So we all know from the two trailers that Marvel released for Captain America:Civil War that Team Cap and Team Stark will supposedly have an ultimate one on one at an airfield. One of the coolest bits of the trailer, shows both team’s roster at an airfield with either members standing side by side glaring their eyes out at the other team. At the Toy Fair this year Lego displayed a play set based on this scene. While nothing else seems out of the ordinary one small detail stands out like a monolith (forgive my bad puns), the Ant Man figure towers over the other figures which has lead us to believe that Ant Man will be upping the ante by taking on the identity of Giant Man.

Lego Civil WarNow regular Marvel fans might not know much but comic book enthusiasts know that the original Ant Man, Hank Pym discards his identity as the Ant Man and becomes Giant-Man by reversing the effects of the Pym Particle which now makes him a giant (pretty obvious from the name) instead of sizing him down. However in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe Scott Lang is the current Ant Man thus it is more likely for him to take up the role of Giant-Man.
With Marvel not officially revealing any information in this regard, this does come as a major blow if they were trying to keep it under wraps.