Kojima Wanted To Work With Cliff Bleszinski On Silent Hills Game


Hideo Kojima, developer extraordinaire, apparently once asked Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski to collaborate with him on the last installment of the acclaimed horror series, Silent Hills, but Cliff declined the offer because he felt he “woulda fucked up SH”

Cliff revealed this bit of information through Twitter

Evidently, Cliff felt he wasn’t in the best position to work on Silent Hills, and wanted to devote time to the new IP he’s working on- LawBreakers, a F2P arena shooter.

It is unclear exactly when this conversation between the two acclaimed devs took place, but the last we heard about the Silent Hills game (which was being developed in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro), it was about its cancellation and Kojima’s subsequent fallout with Konami.

Now that Kojima has a new studio and tie-up with Playstation though, who knows what collaborations and ideas he might cook up?