Know Your Organizers: Clan Wars Season 5


We are back with another edition of our on-going feature on the Indian eSports scene, namely ‘Know Your Organisers‘ and this time we had the opportunity to interact with one of India’s most upcoming and happening eSport event organizers. Mr. Ashwin Jain is the CEO and Founder of Cyber Gaming Entertainment, one of the more successful and taintless organisations in the Indian circuit. We talk about him about his latest endeavour in the form of Clan Wars Season 5, his journey from humble beginnings to being featured by prominent media houses of India and most importantly in this circuit of the business world, success.


1. When did you start your brand ‘Cyber Gaming Entertainment’? What were the initial huddles you faced in starting a brand dedicated to gaming in India​?

I started with Cyber Gaming Entertainment in 2013, the brand was new and it became harder to approach sponsors and get their faith in me. Some months earlier before CGE came into existence things went wrong with I​ndian Gaming Carnival (IGC)​ and considering that it is never easy for a brand to put down its faith in the new brands which made it more harder for me to get sponsors even after having a successful background. But it is said that when you know the result and its in your favour you shall never stop. So, one day I associated with Gigabyte for Total Annihilation War, which happened in Jalgaon. The tournament was held in village where we saw more than 30 Counter-Strike 1.6 teams participated and that was a great achievement.

​Then the things started going a slight smoothly when I introduced the very first season of Clan Wars. ​


2. Tell us a bit more about your first ever venture into the gaming scene. What prompted you to take up the reigns in the Indian eSports scene?

​I stepped foot in Indian eSports scene as an organizer back in 2011 when I brought a Japanese e-Sports events coordinator CyAC to India.​ This was the real start. With an aim to get the experience and know the eSports community better I started organizing online tournaments with brands like Razer and Zowie gears as Sponsors. Further, when the gaming scene were ready to accept an International tournament. I brought Asia e-Sports Cup to India in 2012. Hell lot of challenges were involved, it’s never easy to set up an International flight in India when the community is not strong. Still I was able to get the brand to India for Counter Strike 1.6 and StarCraft gamers. Which happened to be a very much successful, where Team NSD (Never Say Die) clinched Bronze Medal for Counter Strike 1.6 game title, which has never ever happened in the history of e-Sports. Then soon as AEC completed, I had to pull my attention towards offline events which was not the interest of CyAC. Hence, I introduced Cyber Gaming Entertainment. What really made me start organizing events is a love for the work I like to do. I was 18 then, had no aim, the life was fun, hanging out with friends and enjoying the every moment of it was what I used to do. But I loved playing games a lot too. This is when I got my vision, a aim and a will to set up the e-Sports community in India.

3. Clan Wars is now into its fifth season. How has the journey in the Indian eSports scene been for you so far?

The journey is not easy. It’s still hard to get the real attention of sponsors. Since, not all sponsors support monitory part of the event. But yes, I am able to climb the level up every time I organize a gaming event. I understand providing goodies as prizes doesn’t works out for gamers. I been a gamer to I expect real money as everyone has to answer someone back home. You can see unlike all the past events Clan Wars (Season 5) has 50K cash involved in the total prize pool of 1,50,000 INR. My aim is to explore the opportunities and scale with every season of Clan Wars. I am sure I will be able to get more cash prizes next season and maybe the accommodation for the qualifier winners to travel to Finale venue. I real don’t want to just organize one event a year with big cash prize and then come back again next year. There ain’t no fun in it.


4. You have recently got a job at Natec Genesis, which if I am to believe is of the Country Head. What are your plans for the future of this company in India? How do you see the gaming peripheral market currently?

Job role is great here. This was my dream when I use to be a gamer past 7 – 8 years ago. Being a Country Head I have to appoint new distributors, help my sales team with exploring the opportunities to Channel partners. As you know, all the products are between 1000 – 5000 INR it’s not that hard for a gamer to afford the gaming gears for the better experience unlike those of other brands. My plan is big, my aim is to sponsor a team and yes of course great gaming events too. Natec Genesis, products are really great but the market is open now. Everything is available online easily and this is where the real offline market is struggling which has affected us too. A gamer purchases a product only after getting a experience. But since the offline guys are not doing very well, we have lost their attention and hence we are not able to provide a pre-purchase experience to gamers. Also, all the products comes with 2 years instant replacement warranty which is also another great factor the gamers shall look forward too.

5. We would love to hear some final thoughts on the current Indian eSports scene and what according to you lies ahead in store for us.

There use to be a time when a player use to play with friends not the workers. The continuous ​change in line-up’s and players not sticking to a team is taking the e-Sports community to wrong direction. Also, yes it’s not easy to organize a gaming event, I really mean it. I suggest the top gamers shall take the initiative and start organizing events themselves. It will gain more support to gamers. There have been a problem with the mindset of people here. They think the size of the event is measured by the prize pool but when you keep the facts on paper. The event turns big because of number of brands, media and gamers who are attached to it. I have plans for 3 more other seasons of Clan Wars this year. Lets see where it takes me.

We, at ASidcast would like to thank Mr. Ashwin Jain for his time and wish him all the best of luck.