HTC Vive is Insanely Ahead of their Competitor Oculus Rift in terms of Market Share Of Steam Users


Oculus Rift, the much awaited game-changing Virtual Reality device was released on 28th March of this year amidst great hype. After launching a Kickstarter campaign that proved immensely successful, the company was later bought by Facebook for over 2 billion dollars. Meanwhile, HTC Vive released a week later on the April 5th with comparatively lesser pomp, however what the monthly Steam hardware survey has revealed is pretty shocking.


Valve’s monthly statistical survey of the hardware that their customers use through ‘Steam’ has revealed that apparently, only 27.5% users have chosen to purchase the Oculus Rift in comparison to HTC’s Vive owning almost 66% in terms of market share. Bear in mind that these stats do *not* tell us the overall picture, most importantly because HTC Vive owners will most probably tend to buy their games from Steam while Oculus Rift users have the liberty to use the Oculus Store and may opt out from having Steam also, thus their actual share may not have been registered in this survey.


However, with Steam not being installed in a gamer’s desktop and them opting out of the survey being a rare case (both which are in argument of the survey being inaccurate), until Oculus and Facebook decide to release the number of devices sold respectively, this could in fact be painting the true picture of the current scene of VR devices.