Killing Floor 2, An Early Access Game, Gets Microtransactions


Aren’t Microtransactions the best thing to have happened to the video game medium ever? The answer in general is almost always an astounding No. Specially when you consider them being in a full priced video game that is still in early access. However, it seems like the Killing Floor 2 devs have learned from the best in the microtransactions field, i.e. Valve.

Tripwire Interactive just announced via a rather fancy blog post that Killing Floor 2 is getting microtransactions which is, according to them, completely optional and cosmetic only and they’re calling it the “zed-conomy”. For the moment, they seem to be true to their word since the microtransaction system is similar to that of CS: Go in the sense that you’ll be able to get items, Supply Crates or “USB sticks” by playing the game alone. Supply Crates and USB sticks need to be unlocked via Decryption Keys in order to access the items stored inside them and said Decryption Keys can be bought via the Steam Market.

Screenshot (145)

The difference between Supply Crates and USB Sticks is that the former will give you wearable cosmetic items whereas the latter will give you weapon skins. Both cosmetic items and weapons skins come in 6 grades of rarity. (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exceptional, Master Crafted, and Precious) Weapon skins are further modified by their wear condition. (Mint, Field-Tested, and Battle Scarred).

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According to the FAQ that accompanied the blog post regarding the new microtransaction system, while cosmetic items and weapons skins will drop for free in the first 5 grades of rarity. The 6th grade is only available by opening a Horzine Supply Crate or an  Encrypted Weapon Skin USB.

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Players will also be able to buy bundled outfits from the in-game store directly, most of which cannot be traded or sold in the Steam market unlike almost everything else that the player will be able to acquire.

There’s actually a lot of things regarding the new microtransaction feature that’s being added to the game so if you want to know more about what the new update brings to the table, you can read about it in full detail by going over here.