Indian Winners at TI9 Cosplay Competition


Like every major Dota 2 tournaments, The International 9 hosted a cosplay contest featuring some highly talented cosplayers. But this time around the competition was more intense, where cosplayers worked really hard to bring out all the minute details of the characters they cosplayed.

The International 9 Cosplay Contest had a total prize pool of $15,000 divided among four different awards along with a few other categories such as Best In Show, Biggest Transformation, Best Technique and the Most Innovative.

Rohit Kailashiya from India, aka Redemption Props, won the award for the “Best In Show” category with his remarkable cosplay of Treant Protector’s Boreal Sentinel.

Another Indian cosplayer, Medha Srivastav‘s cosplay of Legion Commander – Seige of the Artic Hall won the “Best Technique” award.

Apart from the different categories of award, all the cosplayers who were able to make their way on the stage were also awarded $500 each. The two winners from India shows the immense growth of cosplay in India, as they mark their achievements at an international stage.