PC Hardware In India Gets Cheap Thanks To New Import Law


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry earlier this week announced the amendment of a provision. Without boring you with intricate details about it, what it shall bring into the picture once it comes into force is that thereafter, any single person in India can import consumer goods upto 50,000 INR absolutely duty free, while the earlier limit stood at a meagre 2000 INR in comparison.


When shall it come into force, we are not aware of. However, what we do know is the impact that it shall have on the PC hardware market of India. Buying your dream gaming desktop has always been a rather expensive one for an Indian than for his counterparts in most parts of the world, much owing to Duty and VAT, with the transport costs having a lesser implication on the final prices, whether it be your GPU or your monitor. However, with this change, we can expect to see a lot of feathers ruffled in the market for mid-end buyers with the advent of buying goods under 50k INR WITHOUT paying Duty.

You get the parts you want. Credits: BitTech
You get the parts you want.              Credits: BitTech

How and in what quantity does this amendment apply in, again there isn’t much declared about it. However, Newegg and Amazon sure are going to be getting a lot of traffic from India. For a more detailed analysis on its implications, stay tuned to Asidcast.