How To Finish We Happy Few In Less Than Two Minutes


We Happy Few is a new survival game by indie dev company, Compulsion Games, and is a drug-filled journey in a weird alternate-history version of 60’s Britain. In the game, the citizens of Well Wellington pop pills called ‘Joy’ to stop them from remembering some weird stuff that happened in the past. Hence, mostly everyone seems to be smiling awkwardly as every negative memory gets wiped away.

You start the game as a man who censors news, and you stumble upon an article that makes you remember something and gives you a sort of…headache. The game then give you an option to pop a pill of joy and  stay happy, or throw the pills away from you as you remember an event that continues the story as usual. I, being the radical who loves going down the road less taken, (Most games tend to put me back on track) thought, “Lets see what drugs do to you in this game” and hoped for a wonky cam or something similar. But instead, the protagonist just says “Snug as a bug on a drug.” and acts as if the event never happened. And then the credits roll. THE END.

Congratulations, you technically skipped 99% of the game!
Congratulations, you technically skipped 99% of the game!

Well, that had to be one of the shortest games I’ve played. Actually the fastest I’ve ended a game is with The Stanley Parable (Less than 2 Seconds), where all I had to do was close the door in front of me. EZ END. What other alternate game endings have you encountered that you loved? Write some comments!

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Well, no. This is the alternate ending of this article. Go team Valor. 😛 (There will be Pokemon Go related articles by us, so Please Wait.)
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