How Ansel Revolutionizes Modding and In-Game Photography


I’m an in-game photographer and I’ve spent more hours in the Witcher 3 clicking pics, than actually playing the game. I used to do so with the use of console commands (I had to unlock the console first) and a variety of mods that gave me the perfect screenshots. Now Nvidia’s Ansel tech (Named after famous photographer Ansel Adams) simplifies the process by letting us click pics, with all the commands unlocked by the developer.

Free Camera
This is something I could achieve with the help of mods before, but I always wished all games could have this feature built-in, as it’s something that can be easily implemented. Unlocking your game view enables you to compose your shot in various ways. Examine how a single in-game scene unlocks your ability to capture the perfect angle. It also gives you the chance to see your game like never before.

Post Process Filters
While most gaming photographers won’t use this, as they edit their own pics themselves, this option means that you can now “Instagram” your image and adjust the mood and look of your favorite games. A great way for people new at editing and photography to get stellar looking shots.

Super Resolution
This I love, as my GPU could other wise only run a game at 1440p with decent FPS, so I couldn’t get as much detail as I wanted. Now the tech re-renders the shot in a higher resolution, just for that one frame to be clicked, absolutely stunning. Capture your shot in super resolution for the most detailed images and perfect edges. Capture up to an 8-Gigapixel image, or 32 times your game resolution.

EXR Capture
EXR is an open image file format created by Industrial Light and Magic, that provides higher dynamic range and depth. This is something that professional screenshot editors use, it’s much more versatile than the traditional JPG, and is larger in size, but it allows for 16 or 32 bit floating point storage per channel, compared to the traditional 8-bit integers in most formats. Capturing in this format enables you to choose your exposure in post, as well as apply extreme color correction without banding artifacts, cool!

360 Capture
This is something I wish I could do, but with traditional mods was not possible, Nvidia’s Ansel now allows people to capture your game environment in 360 degrees and view this on your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset, but I sure hope it has Google cardboard support too, that allows for more people to view your work.

What does this mean for modding community? Free Camera mods aren’t gonna get a lot of downloads as Ansel does that and more. Plus, game capture softwares were already hit by Shadow-Play, but Ansel kills off any other screen shot softwares. (Bye-Bye Fraps) And this is just the beginning of Ansel, we have no idea if AMD shall respond with something similar, and I sure hope it does as competition is the best motivator, and the end-user gets the best product. Ansel is currently available for the following games: The Division, The Witness, Lawbreakers, The Witcher 3, Paragon, No Man’s Sky, and Unreal Tournament, and this tech has to be incorporated by the game developers themselves.

In case you want to see the kind of shots I click, see them all here on my Deviantart link!

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