Breeding Season, Sex Game which was Raising 43.2k$ Dollars a Month Ceases Development Abruptly


The Breeding Season was a sex game in development which had raised quite a few eyebrows when it began receiving figures in five digits a month on Patreon. However, it has now ceased development completely following what can only be described as an absolute mess in terms of project management.

From what we can make from the mega write-up that explains what led to the current circumstances, it seems the developer, HBomb had differences with their art director, S-Purple (AKA Shwig AKA Vladimir Sandler). The developer’s claims first begin with them accusing Sandler of various misdoings while in the company when he was virtually made a partner in this project and how he went on to make a series of rash decisions much to the anger of their developers. However, things got really messy when S Purple began missing meetings and a lot of group activity regularly. What is truly shocking is the developer then finding out a game looking very similar to Breeding Season had already raised $9,000 on Patreon. And then this is what transpired over their skype chat:


This is what he had to say about the entire trial:

S had gone entirely behind our backs to spend an entire month’s worth of work (for which he collected over $9,000 of patron money, by the way) working on a new project that he planned to abandon Breeding Season entirely for. Not even once had he brought up to me the notion of him leaving the project or faced me directly with his desire for different leadership. Instead he took the most cowardly possible option, to the point of even fooling Subtank into believing the work he was doing was for Breeding Season’s benefit, and straight-up swindled us.

He received over $190,000 worth of patron money over the course of this project and he thinks he can get away with directly destroying over three years of work from an entire team of people entirely because he has a stick up his ass. He has not only completely violated my trust and the trust of our team on every level, but the trust of every single patron who ever paid us anything. It’s not just unethical, it’s completely fucking absurd.

However, S Purple on his blog has written a rebuttal too on the said reveal. In his blog, he seeks to refute all the ‘outright lies to deliberate deceptions misleading others’. A summary of what he intends to convey is as follows:

The way the actual Breeding Season game development was going, it would never have actually been finished, even if myself and the other artists worked 24/7. I had intended to not take the money owed to me for the month I worked on this from Breeding Season’s accounts, and simply announce this at the same time as I announced my resignation so that people would see that while Breeding Season might finally be dead, they would still have a valid option for funding a game about banging monstergirls/boys and running a monster farm.

It indeed is quite a reveal to see such a high-profile game in development come under fire so early in its stage of development. While the enormous amounts of donations that it received through Patreon clearly highlighted how sex games are still in demand and how the lack of it had made people put their money towards it, looks like fans of this genre are again left disheartened. We will bring you updates on how this whole situation proceeds further. Stay tuned to ASidCast.