Green Man Gaming Has Problems


Green Man Gaming is a platform that’s popular for its comprehensive store and deals on popular games. But unfortunately, it seems like the website is entering controversial territory with some troubling facts being revealed.

The issues began with sales of The Witcher 3; it came to light that GMG was not authorized to sell Witcher 3 keys, and seemed to be obtaining these keys through grey market sources. This led to r/GameDeals warning GMG that they weren’t allowed to advertise TW3 keys, but could continue to use the subreddit. The controversy was exacerbated when Green Man Gaming wasn’t able to fulfill thousands of preorders for TW3 due to a shortage of keys. This brought into question GMG’s reliability.

That incident, however, was seemingly just the beginning.

Green Man Gaming has now announced, to several preorder customers of Star Wars Battlefront, that they would once again be unable to provide keys for the game on release day. This has understandably infuriated the affected customers, since the very purpose of a preorder is to be able to play a game as soon as it’s out.

Soon after, the Game Deals subreddit exposed more of Green Man’s Gaming inconsistencies; it turns out that GMG is not an authorized retailer for Activision, Ubisoft or WB Games titles either. This was further evidenced by the inconsistent preordered products various buyers received,  eg some copies of Black Ops 3 not having the Nuketown bonus. In response. GMG was banned from r/GameDeals.

As this tale unfolded, there has been little to no direct response to these problems by Green Man Gaming. In a vague response, an apparent GMG rep in the reddit thread said:

[…]We’ve been asked by the moderation team again to prove ourselves, and at this point I just give up – we’re not willing to share our contracts with the moderation team, no matter how much they promise they won’t share it; some things just are business confidential. Maybe this is a common occurrence, or maybe someone is pointing out when we have issues more than anyone else. Regardless, there isn’t much point in fighting[..]

The primary gripe behind this issue has been Green Man Gaming’s disingenuity in claiming to be authorized sellers, and failing to reveal the facts to buyers beforehand. It’s already had a negative impact on their reputation, with many gamers swearing off future purchases through them. It remains to be seen if and how Green Man Gaming will respond to, and recover from, these incidents.