GreedFall Might Be The Next Big RPG You Play


If you’re yearning for a good Single Player RPG Experience, then GreedFall seems like it might manage to quench your thirst. GreedFall is a game that was first announced at E3 2017 with a short cinematic trailer that didn’t reveal much other than flintlock guns and nature monsters; in 2019 however, we have a lot more information and from the looks of things, it might just be the next big RPG we can all sink our time into.

The game takes place in a world where flintlock pistols and magic seem to deal similar amounts of damage and the trailers make it seem like we’re colonizers about to betray or befriend magical native people who seem to want to protect their earth monster spirits that are creating havoc near where we wanna settle down. Greedfall is trying to be a core single player RPG experience and has mechanics that most RPG games have today, such as – different companions, various quests with consequences depending on your actions, character creation, skill trees, and 3 basic class structures – Warrior, Technical, and Magic, etc.

While Spider Studios is great at developing worlds for their games – Bound by Flame and Technomancer (to name a few), their games tend to have some janky gameplay – which is good fun for some but is also a turn off for others. This time around, however, they seem to have worked on the gameplay mechanics quite a bit as shown in their recent Gameplay trailer which you can watch below. The video shows us the various ways of playing the game, the different mechanics that are at play, some of the factions that reside in the world, how our behavior with our companions or at quests may have unintentional consequences, and all the good stuff that most RPG games tend to have today.

For the lore nerds out there, we also have a story trailer to show you guys released by the people behind GreedFall which fleshes out the world and the setting for the game. If we’ve to be very honest, the setting is pretty glamorous but also very generic at best. We’re hoping there are some major twists and turns in the story that makes things more interesting but till the game comes out, we’ve to make do with the Story trailer below.

GreedFall is developed by Spider Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive and will be coming out 10th September, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Do you guys think GreedFall has what it takes to become the next big RPG? Let us know in the comment section below.