GIGABYTE and Nvidia Blogger’s Meet 2016 Kolkata – Gaming Industry and Its Future in the Eastern India


India is a country with the majority of it’s population young, and so having a large number of potential gamers, around 23 million, as estimated by leading Global GPU manufacturing company, Nvidia. But the current rate is much lower, counting at about 10 to 12 million gamers at present, who play games more than 2 hours a day. As the gaming industry is swelling up like the rest of the world, people are trying to bring the air among the Indian gamers too. We have witnessed promising development in the industry in the west like Mumbai and in south, like Bangalore, but the eastern zone, significantly the metropolitan city of Kolkata, which houses a vast number of potential gamers, is lagging behind in the race. So certain people like ourselves have stepped forward to help bringing gamers together and form communities, to educate, interact with, and aid the gamers and push the industry in the vicinity.

But to continue in these works, it is a fact that we need support from leading companies in this industry, to back us up with all kinds of help in this journey. So, leading Motherboard and Computer Hardware company, GIGABYTE and Nvidia arranged a special Blogger’s Meet on Sunday the 26th of March, 2016 to bring together people like us, who are the faces of the industry under one roof of the GIGABYTE Office in Chandni Chowk, Kolkata to discuss with us our needs and to provide solutions accordingly so as to support us in our mission.

After a detailed tour of the GIGABYTE office and it’s motherboard service center, which is one of the most advanced in the country, we started the Blogger’s meet in the board room, which was arranged by Amit Raj, Regional Manager – East at GIGABYTE India, and Aman Biswas, Gaming Specialist at Nvidia India. Atul Moona, Consumer business manager of east India and Bangladesh at Nvidia was also present among us.  The bloggers who met up were Prashant and Sourav Jaiswal from JazzTech, a company formed by them which reviews gaming hardware and also assembles PC components and hardware on call. Debjit Majumdar and Tathagata Das represented RevCo, a registered brand reviewing technology,event hosting and management for community purpose. Sumon Pathak and Arnab Chakrabarti from Techarx, a one stop solution for hardware enthusiasts in India, who mostly performes overclocking, reviews games and hardware, were also present. Manodeep Mukherjee, who is a competitive gamer and creates gaming walkthroughs, and Atri Ganguly, a professional film editor and gaming enthusiast were also with us. I was there to represent AsidCast.

We spent the next three hours, discussing and debating upon various topics presented before us by Aman Biswas, who has deep knowledge about this Industry and it’s fate in India, being on the forefront of it. We discussed mostly about gaming, and since all the spotlights of gaming in India focuses on Cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, a significant question arose- how do we boost the Industry in the Eastern India, especially Kolkata? This city undoubtedly has huge potential, which we wanted to figure out how to utilize. We spoke about some of the problems we have been facing that are keeping us from achieving our goals in the eastern region, and also discussed about ways to get around them. We also discussed about the ways and means to create an understanding between us, the bloggers to help each other grow, to uphold the industry’s standards here to match the global standards. Aman suggested some methods and ways to spread our roots among the gamers and grow the community strong here, and Nvidia pledged to communicate with us and directly support us in every possible ways so that we can offer better service to the gamers and expand the Industry more efficiently and in an organized manner. Afterwards, Amit Raj took over to explain some of the features of the latest GIGABYTE Motherboards and how they can affect gaming and hardware modding in India. The meet ended with a nice treat from GIGABYTE India where pizzas and cans of Pepsi came in, the best way to wrap up the long conversation which was the first of its kind in India.

It is really good to realize that leading global companies like Nvidia and GIGABYTE are directly communicating and supporting our cause. With their support, we wish to provide better service to gamers and take the eastern India to new heights of gaming and it would be only possible if gamers like you all connect with us through this website and our Facebook page. Gaming Industry is a potential 100 billion USD Industry, according to Nvidia, and in the near future we would be happy to be a part of it. Stay with us and help us make Kolkata a leading hub of gaming in India.