Gamers Connect in Kolkata Once Again with Plans to Redefine Cyber Cafe Gaming


GamerConnect, as many gamers in India knows by now, is an initiative undertaken by the leading gaming hardware company, Nvidia India, to bring gamers under one roof and discuss gaming and provide information about the latest games and gaming hardware. In this GamerConnect, the ambiance was changed quite a bit, as Aman Biswas from Nvidia India decided to do more than just provide information to gamers and give them food and posters.

The event took place at Infi Gaming, a soon to be open premium “Entertainment Hub” , as Aman puts it, at Salt Lake Sector III. This GamerConnect was arranged by ASUS India and Nvidia India. The event had in attendance, Aman Biswas, Gaming Specialist at Nvidia India, in Eastern India, Atul Moona, Consumer Business Manager, East India and Bangladesh at Nvidia India, Swarup Kumar Dhar, Channel Manager at ASUS India, and Koushik Roy from View Paker India. Debjit Majumdar and Tathagata Das came from RevCo, a registered brand reviewing technology, event hosting and management for community purposes. Sumon Pathak, from Techarx, a one stop solution for hardware enthusiasts in India, who mostly performs overclocking, reviews games and hardware, were also present. Atri Ganguly, a professional film editor and gaming enthusiast were also with us. Trilokesh Barua and I were there to represent AsidCast. Tamojit Das came from FerOus, who mods gaming PCs.

Aman addressing the gamers present.
Aman addressing the gamers present.

Infi Gaming in Salt Lake, is expected to launch in the next week. It will not only be a gaming cafe, like the ones already present in Kolkata, but will be a complete “Entertainment Hub” and a “Heaven for Gamers and Geeks” to quote Aman. Rishi Raj, the owner of Infi Gaming shared his plans for the place. The Cafe will have a room for competitive gaming featuring 10 View Paker Barebone PCs, 5 on each side. It will have another Premium Zone, with high end PCs, 4K display and HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset, a Streaming Zone, from where gamers can stream their gameplay on Twitch, Youtube and other websites with the help of High speed Internet connection, and can also upload reviews and other videos. There will also be a Cafeteria where gamers can enjoy food and drink, although food can also be ordered while playing games. There would be another zone to watch live streams and gaming videos. Besides all these amenities, the Place will provide free High Speed WiFi, and besides PCs, there are also plans for consoles so that gamers can come in and enjoy the exclusives. Infi gaming will be the only one of its kind in Kolkata, and Rishi assures us it will be very much affordable.

The PC featuring thermaltake water cooled Case
The PC featuring thermaltake water cooled Case

In this event, we were introduced to the View Paker Barebone all-in-one PCs, the first and till now the only one of its kind, which is a range of powerful and affordable all-in-one PCs, for all purposes. Even being a barebone, the PCs give the users independence to build the machine according to their liking, thus, providing space for innovation. The gaming range PCs feature a professional HD gaming screen, and it’s the first All-in -One to support dual graphic cards. ASUS India showcased their latest CERBERUS range of gaming gear, Headphones with mic, Keyboard and Mouse. This range of gaming gear is affordable, and at the same time provides professional gaming experience. Techarx brought in a PC featuring Thermaltake water cooling.

A Gamer checks out the ASUS CERBERUS Gaming Gear.


The View Paker AIO featuring Overwatch. P.C - Koushik Roy
The View Paker AIO featuring Overwatch. P.C – Koushik Roy

As the event proceeded, a lot of gamers turned up, and as mentioned earlier, Aman took a very casual approach, and being a gamer himself, discussed things with the gamers present there to learn about their wishes and their demands, because it is them who define the gaming industry. The discussion brought to front several ideas and many of the gamers present there were very excited and had a good experience. Aman promised to support any gamer if they wished to organize any innovative event regarding gaming and gaming hardware, which drew a very good response from the crowd. Besides talking to the gamers, Aman also shared his views and ideas on improving gaming in eastern India and encouraged gamers to increase the visbility of the region when it comes to gaming in India.

It is really good to realize that leading global companies like Nvidia, ASUS and View Paker are directly communicating and supporting our cause, sucht that together we can make Kolkata a leading hub of gaming in India.

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