Gamdias ARES V2 Essential Keyboard Mouse Combo – Peripheral Review



With eSports and gaming in general on a rise in India, cafes are seemingly being set up nearly in every urban pocket. Hence, it makes sense that we review an affordable gaming mouse combo which can be utilized for that purpose, but the Gamdias ARES V2 Essential combo fails to check off even basic requirements for us to be able to recommend, especially given its heavy MRP of 2799, nor is it competitively priced to fend off its other rivals in this price range.


Demeter Optical Gaming Mouse:

The more impressive of the two components, the Demeter gaming mouse could actually do good considering some features that it provides at its price. However, a few really basic requirements fail to be fulfilled by it, most notable of them being its insanely stiff right and left clicks as well as poor response timings, even at 125 Hz.


Build Quality – The Gamdias Demeter feels sturdy, if a little plastic, unlike other cheap mice such as Dragonwar’s iterations. The top of the mouse is really smooth, almost too smooth. When it comes to sweaty hands such as mine, you’d expect its rubber side grips to come in handy. Frankly, other than being a gimmick, they essentially do almost nothing.

Macro, DPI and right/left click buttons – Probably the only thing that has been done qwll with the mouse would have to be good side buttons and the DPI switcher. They aren’t flimsy in any way and placed perfectly where my large hands like using them. The DPI switcher did not give me troubles even when I tried continuous cycling thru the 4 set sensitivities. But now comes the biggest problem that faces the mouse, the 2 main buttons. Being extremely stiff, these buttons provide the opposite of the joy that using a gaming mouse is. When I took it for a spin for some Counter-Strike, it took me a while to understand that i wasn’t clicking the button all the way down to its actuation point thus missing almost all the frags. Ergonomics also hasn’t been done right for the buttons up front, as they prove to be too flat (almost perpendicular) for my liking that has grown accustomed to the Razer Deathadder and the Steelseries Rival 100.

IMG_2752 - Copy

Ergonomics – The Demeter gaming mouse is one of the smaller mice in town. In trying to accomplish the snug fitting of the Rival 100 by keeping it comparatively small, and the relaxation that the G400s provides by making its back larger, it sadly accomplishes none. If you have the finger grip, then keeping all the other factors aside, this mouse may be recommendable from us. However, palm grip users, especially those with sweaty hands can not have a good time with this, the same applying to the claw grip holders too.

Sensor Quality – We checked out the optical sensor provided by Gamdias and tried to see whether it can atleast deliver at technical points. Not expecting much from a 125 Hz optical sensor, here are the results:


Now, considering the fact that I play on 1000 Hz with my other mice, it is more than obvious that I found the mouse to be laggy. However, to bring a fair comparison, I began playing with the mouse from the Cooler Master Devastator Combo. And after 2-3 days, I still can’t help but choose CM over Gamdias in this aspect of the comparison too. Whether it be the requirement of precision in FPSes or registering fast clicks in RTSes, the Demeter couldn’t put up a fight.

In final thoughts about the mouse, it can be most fairly said that the mouse, although having some potential, doesn’t live up to expectations, especially of that being a suitable alternative and even competitor to the vastly popular CM Devastator Combo here at this price range. Unless you are insanely tight on your budget and cannot add the additional 800 INR to get yourself that, this is hard to recommend.

ARES V2 Essential Membrane Gaming Keyboard:

20160616-IMG_2773 - Copy

Probably the only thing ‘gaming’ about this keyboard would have to be ‘W-A-S-D’ keys colored in red. It’s pretty evident that this is nothing but a simple membrane keyboard given a sugar coating by adding LED strips on both sides, colored arrow keys alongside glaring red keys up top that aren’t macro keys but shortcuts for ‘home’, ‘print’, and ’email’ to name a few thus making me wonder whether it was meant to be for office work. Having said that, and considering the fact that it is but a membrane keyboard and not a mechanical one, our review is short.

Build Quality – The glaring issue about this keyboard is the fact how it is simply a membrane keyboard given a ‘gaming’ make over. Although, fancy add-ons to the keypad to make is ‘game-ready’ do not sturdy enough, and have a plastic feel. Other things in this aspect would be cheap LED strips on the side with only one color and flimsy add-on keys on the top. Overall, the keyboard does not come across as a ‘built to last’ peripheral.

IMG_2759 - Copy

Aesthetics – The keyboard has black keys with W-A-S-D and the arrow keys tinted in red with no back-lighting. It also features two LED strips on both the sides. Understanding that it isn’t much, you probably were wondering why we added this in our review. The problem here is that its main rivals, the CM Devastator keyboard and the little higher end ASUS Cerberus both feature back-lighting. As of now, probably the only reasons you would choose the ARES V2 Essential keyboard over the other keyboards would be for the additional keys for office use and and probably more sturdiness than its Cooler master counterpart.

In final words for the complete combo above, another thing that it lacks is a software that would allow customization, whether it be for the DPI settings or maybe even its aesthetics, such as the illuminations. This would’ve given it a tremendous edge over its fellow competitors which lack it. However, in not doing that it becomes a straight forward battle between their performance, and while there is probably nothing to judge about the keyboards such as their actuation points, the sound of the clicks and its responsiveness, the mouse also sadly fails to be a competitor.


We at ASidCast rate the Gamdias ARES V2 Essential Keyboard Mouse Combo 5/10.

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MRP: 2799 INR