Friday The 13th Recommendation: Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion


Both the descriptions and the trailers for this game make it clear that this game is not what it seems. One might go in expecting it to underwhelm, much like any old “retro” game or FNAF ripoff. But Spooky’s is gameplay and comedy genius in its own right.

The merits of this game are quite varied and it’s certain that it would appeal to most gamers on one level or the other.


The storytelling in this game is light, just as one might expect, but has enough depth to satisfy a literature-buff that demands proper storytelling from their games.


The gameplay isn’t at all complex and is exactly the kind of thing that one could play if they’re in the mood for an arcade-esque grinding session. That being said, the game builds tension and releases it in such a manner that it leaves the player engrossed in it for way longer than they should be!

That being said, the obvious throwback to N64 games that it is, Spooky’s draws upon the gameplay elements of many of the classics (Classic Zelda, anyone?) and one can expect to brush of their strategy building skills during the bosses.

This guy is reminiscent of the more nightmarefuel-ish parts of Zelda.

Sound Design

The bread really knows how to ‘Kiai”.

While this isn’t really a reason to play the game itself, the sound design is worth mentioning because much like the game itself, it seems quite simple but has oh so much depth. It builds atmosphere so perfectly that one wouldn’t even expect how much effect it is having on the player.

I would strongly recommend Spooky’s as your spooky Friday the 13th gaming experience. It’s available for free on Steam and is definitely worth at least one playthrough.