Fortnite Surpasses PUBG in Monthly Revenue and Twitch Views


PUBG and Fortnite are at war since their release. In this war, PUBG has emerged as the winner most of the time. But, this time Fortnite outplayed PUBG in almost every department, surpassing PUBG in monthly revenue and Twitch views.

According to SuperData Research’s report, during the last week of February, Fortnite had 14.0M unique viewers on Twitch compared to 8.7M for PUBG. Fortnite earned $126M whereas PUBG’s total revenue was $103M in February.

There are a number of reasons that contribute to Fortnite’s success. Most notably, it is free to play whereas PUBG costs Rs. 1000 on the Steam. Cheating in PUBG is a big concern, Bluehole has been enforced to put resources to fight this instead of polishing the game.

We need to keep in mind Fortnite is playable on PC, Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 whereas PUBG is not yet available on PS4. The Fortnite’s approach to in-game store is much better than PUBG.

The only department where PUBG is leading is mobile. PUBG is the most downloaded game in 48 countries taking the throne from Fortnite. PUBG is No. 1 on iOS in countries like Russia, Germany, Canada, and Australia. In addition to the U.S., Fortnite is on top in Great Britain and France.

PUBG’s developers need to get past the issues so they can polish the game and add content on a more regular basis.

SOURCE – SuperData Research