Fortnite India Servers Are Live!


We’ve all heard about the 16 year old, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, becoming the Fortnite champion and taking home $3 Million and while the game is very popular in most countries, it hasn’t quite taken off in India. Even though PUBGM and currently PUBG Lite are doing quite well in India, Fortnite hasn’t had the mass appeal it’s competitor has had in the country. One of the reasons is perhaps because Fortnite Android is still not available via the official Playstore, and you’ve to download it via their own website through a QR code link, after which you get a installer through which you’ve to install the game – as you can imagine, the process isn’t as easy as downloading something like PUBGM from the Playstore via a single click.

In an effort to bridge the gap however, Epic seems to have launched Fortnite India servers in Mumbai – and is termed as the ‘Middle East’ server in the options menu (we’re not exactly sure if India counts as Middle East but ok). The ping is for most of the country according to our knowledge varies from about 30 ms to 50 ms or so. The low pings hopefully encourages more players to try out Fortnite and perhaps Indian Streamers will finally pick it up as it’s one of the top streamed games in the world, which should spread awareness of Fortnite to the uninitiated.

We knew Fortnite servers for India were on the way as leaked previously by fnbrinsider.

Will Fortnite India Servers make you start playing the game or is it still not for you? Tell us in the comment section below.