First Pics and Specs on Nvidia’s GTX 1060, RX 480 Killer Unchained?


Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 1060 graphics card has been leaked by a Chinese source. The picture shows that NVIDIA’s GP106 based GTX 1060 is already in production and will appear in the market very soon. The reference design also shows that Nvidia has decided to provide a new NVTTM (Nvidia Titanium Metal) heatsink for budget gamers.

The GTX 1060 in all its glory!

We can also notice that the card has a small PCB and a longer cooler which extends beyond the PCB, just like the RX 480, also, the card will retail in 2 variants, a 3GB model and a much needed 6GB model. Why Nvidia didn’t stick to the 4GB/8GB standard baffles me as 3GB of texture memory is going to cause problems in some games even at 1080p. (Which is the primary target at this range) It also carries a 192 bit bus interface and needs a single 6-pin power connector.

This is how it's bigger, costlier brother looks in comparison.
This is how its bigger, costlier brother looks in comparison.

The blower style cooler is still present on the card which channels cool air through a dense aluminum fin array block which unlike the 1080 and 1070 cannot be seen through (It’s translucent on the other cards) the window cut on top of the shroud which doesn’t feature acrylic materials. The card looks less aggressive thanks to the lack of polygons and screws and the cooler looks cheap in comparison to the GTX 1070 and 1080. But if it can perform better than the red side in terms of computational power, I don’t care how it looks. It should deliver similar performance to a GTX 970 and RX 480, atleast.

It is Nvidia's turn and they might just have played their trump card.
It is Nvidia’s turn and they might just have played their trump card.

I hope Nvidia doesn’t make the mistake of turning this into a founders edition entry card as that had garnered a lot of hate due to the overpriced reference cooling, which had performed worse than aftermarket solutions. It has the same ports as its advanced siblings, and is stated to launch at the end of July with a price tag of around 250-300$. I’ll be really surprised if any one of the versions cost below the price of the RX 480.

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