Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Scammer found and prosecuted in a first


Nicolai ‘Nille’ was just another fan of the wondrous game called Counter-Strike, living in Denmark. He also used to trade in-game items found in this video game, called ‘skins’. However, when he tried selling his knife for real money (1510 Danish Kronars, which translate to around 230$) to another trader who was supposed to deliver his payment in the following week, he later learned that the person had cut off all his contacts with him, and obviously hadn’t completed the payment either. Nicolai, however went on and reported the ‘crime’ to the police.

Few days later, Nicolai was contacted by the police citing another such report for the same guy, who apparently scammed another person. This set the police on foot and an investigation thus ensued. Few months later, Nille was asked to stand as a witness in court along with another guy who was scammed. The reported scammer who also was present in the court, did not take any initiative to defend himself.


The conviction and the judgement of the court was as follows:

  • 30 days of unconditional jail
  • 40 days of community service
  • Compensation of stolen skins from the 2 victims. Total: 5000 Danish Kroner (around $700).

This is a rather extraordinary case wherein the reported scammer was identified, caught and taken in front of the court of law. There still freely roam many scammers across the globe, latching onto prey looking to make some quick money either through legit trading or simply by taking their luck for a chance and gambling skins worth thousands of dollars too. India is home to numerous traders as well, and has had its fair share of scammers in various trading groups too. However, it is a good sign of things for such a change to come about, and we hopefully would see less ‘scam posts’ in the various communities following this news.

Source: Gaming.dk

Translation from Danish: Redditor

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