Farming Simulator 17 To Allow Users to play as Female Farmers


In a first in the farming simulation genre, the fore-runner of the same, Farming Simulator is set to introduce female farmers in its latest installment of the series. Farming Simulator 17 will now allow you to choose your sex before the game, as stated in their press release which is as follows:

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This new entry in the series brings even more content than before, with new vehicles and branded machinery, new animals to care for, new crop types and for the first time, as announced at E3 2016, the availability of Mods on consoles.

Finally, the long-awaited option to play as a female farmer will be made possible in the new addition to the popular franchise.

As requested by the passionate Farming Simulator community, the ability to play a female farmer reflects the diverse and ever-expanding industry of agriculture, making Farming Simulator 17 more realistic and rewarding than ever before.

As illustrated in the images released today, players will now be able to select their avatar’s gender at the beginning of the game, along with customizing their clothes. This exciting new option will also appear among the workers you can hire: both men and women will give you a hand with the many tasks that a farmer sees throughout the day!

It is indeed a welcome improvement in the game which has now been in the industry since 2008. Farming Simulator 2017 releases on October 25th on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Check out Farming Simulator’s CGI E3 Trailer: [youtube]