Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC Performs Poorly On PS4


The new Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC released recently, with some PlayStation 4 owners claiming that the expanded area has significant performance issues not found in the primary game. Based on new content, criticisms surrounding poor frame-rates on PS4 were expected. As of patch 1.6, venturing out into the timberlands in the new region can catch the game moving at a baseline 20 FPS – or worse. As things stand, a PS4‘s current performance profile sees the Far Harbor region present one of the most sluggish areas in the game, while Xbox One consistently runs the same places at a higher framerate.

oto sizerFallout 4 generally targets 30 fps on console but, due to the use of volumetric fog effect across Far Harbor’s island this new DLC faced some major Fps problems. These FPS issues make real life targeting very hard and almost impossible.  Xbox One also suffers fluctuations up and down the scale and is far from ideal, but it’s certainly Sony’s machine that struggles most.

Peculiarly, the double-buffer v-sync effect doesn’t manifest to the same extreme on Xbox One, and with its operation running the game between 20-30 FPS, it’s smoother to play overall – though still some way off the locked 30 FPS the developer is aiming for. Xbox One has issues of its own too; software lock-up while playing missions required to enable this expansion, plus the stuttering issues that have spoiled the experience since launch day, that still have to be cleared till now. PS4 had fewer issues in this regard fortunately, where this stuttering is still far less prevalent.

PS4 owners are right to be more frustrated with the performance level on their consoles. It’s especially glaring in this instance, given that 20 FPS is essentially the frame-rate ceiling in these regions, and the problems are just expanded when any real action kicks off. Fortunately, Bethesda promises an imminent patch to repair it, and then we’ll see if Far Harbor’s fortunes change for the better in the coming days.