Fallout 4 Ships 12 Million Copies On The First Day


In tune with the massive hype that preceded Fallout 4’s release, Bethesda announced in a blog post that the game had shipped 12 million copies to ‘meet day one demand’, generating over $750 mn in sales. This makes Fallout 4 one of Bethesda’s fastest-selling games; in comparison, Skyrim shipped 7 million copies and Fallout 3 shipped 4.7 million.  The post also claims that  the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition was the fastest-selling collector’s edition of any game in history at leading retailers.

Vlatko Andonov, President of Bethesda Softworks, said that he was “extremely proud of Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, and his experienced team of developers for their talent and dedication in creating this extraordinary game”

Although praise for Fallout 4 has been high, and gamers are evidently purchasing it in droves, there have been quite a few complaints regarding bugs and other issues. Whether this affects future response to the game is left to be seen. Were you one of the early purchasers of the game? If so, how well do you think Bethesda has done with Fallout 4?