Fallout 4 Modding Kit is Coming this April


Bethesda’s latest RPG Fallout 4, which was released last year, have blown minds not only with it’s well designed combat mechanics, repetitive side quests, and weird glitches, but also gave gamers room to customize settlements and explore the map. But, the Country needs to be put together from the current wasteland, and that requires a lot of job more than destroying factions and growing corn at the settlements.

Having completed the heart touching and time killing story mode, Fallout 4 modders are doing a great job out there already even when the official kit still has a few months to arrive. You’ll find all kind of mods out there already, enabling you to do lots of stuff- from changing the color of your eyes and leaves of trees, to fighting a bunch of deathclaws with a number of power armored soldiers, but, without the official creation kit, the scripting and overall modding qualities are not yet meeting the standards we associate with Bethesda games. Luckily, Bethesda has recently shed light on the ambiguity regarding the release of the creation kit and confirmed that it’s set for release in April.

Todd Howard, the director of Fallout 4, said in an interview with Game Informer, “Our goal [for full mod support] is between the first two DLCs. It’ll go up at that time on PC. In April. All of that stuff will go up on PC. People are beta testing it.”

The DLCs stated above are the Automatron and Wasteland Workshop packs which were announced last week. Howard also shed light on the Survival mode that Bethesda has been teasing as well. The game can only be saved by sleeping, there’s no fast travel option and all kinds of weird diseases have survived the radiation.

Well, with the arrival of the official modding kit, you can expect all kinds of mad stuff to try out if the original game alone was not enough, and we are very excited to see what’s coming and how the modders reshape the game to give you a few extra months of fun!

Source: PCgamer