Fallout 4 Creation Club Update Auto-Downloads All Un-purchased Mods


Just a few days ago, Bethesda’s Creation Club Update was unveiled across all three platforms for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Creation Club is service which gives players access to new mods in Fallout 4 and Skyrim, these mods are designed both by Bethesda Game Studios and a group external development partner. You can buy these mods with in game credits, which themselves are purchased with real money. This feature was pretty controversial as paid mods have never worked before.

Three new issues have risen since the launch since the launch of Bethesda’s Creation Club Update.

First of all, all the associated with the mods for sale on the Creation Club are already present in your hard drive, As shown in the image below the .ba2 files are basically all the resources which are necessary for the function of the mods. To place them within your game world you just need a .esp file, anyone who can create a .esp file will be able to place all these contents in their game without even paying a penny.


Second, According to reports, the new mod files are forced to load in alphabetical order. This can be very harmful to your save files, as mod dependencies require that some mods be loaded first. If you are really lucky then it will simply cause the game to crash and in the worst case, it can irreversible damage your save files if the overwritten after this bug has gone rampant.

Lastly, another report stated that the new mob files are conflicting with regular free mods. The Pip Boy skins are not working with the free mods. To be able to use this skin you need to say goodbye to your free mods, which is absolutely ridiculous.

This problem is occurring in all three platforms. So, it is clear that Bethesda is the main culprit and I hope they will fix these problems as soon as possible.

Source: Reddit