Expect a new Nvidia Shield Tablet soon


The new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings indicate that Nvidia is working on a new gaming tablet. The filings show that Nvidia is opting to get clearance for a new tablet which has a size similar to its existing Shield gaming tablet. This new tablet may be the successor of the existing K1 gaming tablet.

The Dimensions of the tablet as seen in the FCC file
The Dimensions of the tablet as seen in the FCC file

As of now, there is hardly any more information regarding this upcoming gadget apart from its dimensions, which are as follows: 120mm width by 215mm length. The existing tablet being 126mm by 221mm. This may suggest that this is a newer model of a Shield Tablet with slightly smaller body.

The Shield Tablet’s release didn’t go very smoothly. The Shield Tablet was announced back in 2014 and then was recalled in 2015 due to potential fire issues. It hit the market again last year. This Tablet may be the indication of Nvidia trying to refresh the Shield tablet experience and trying to provide a whole new experience. Only time will tell us the future of this upcoming tablet.

Source: The Verge