Everything You Need To Know About Paris Gaming Week


We know E3, we know Gamescom, we know PAX, we know Comic-Con (though that’s not limited to just games, obviously), and other conventions and expos, but many of us, especially in India, have not heard much about Paris Gaming Week before, and are confused regarding what it actually is, and why it suddenly keeps popping up all over social media. Here are the highlights for you.

– What is Paris Gaming Week?

Paris Gaming Week (PGW, in short) is a video game expo, organized at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles. It began in 2010 and since then, it has been held annually. The exact date of the expo varies from year to year, but it is always held late October. In 2015, it will be held from October 28 to November 1.

– Why is it such a big deal?

The 2014 PGW was attended by 272,000 visitors, making it the second largest video game convention in the world, right after Gamescom. But even besides that, this year PGW is getting a lot of extra attention because Sony decided to hold their press conference of Playstation here, instead of Gamescom.

We watched Sony’s an hour and half long presentation and decided to list the main attractions for our readers.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Set more than 1000 years into the future, Guerrilla Games exclusive action-RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn has been in the limelight for a while now, but they simply amazed us with a live 6-minute action packed gameplay, including the protagonist Aloy’s fight with a massive 24 meter long dinosaur-like machine Thunderjaw. The gameplay, that also shows Aloy setting traps, hunting, and using different varieties of ammunitions, can be seen in the video 34:30 onwards.



The Montpellier based French studio [Wild Sheep Studio](http://www.wildsheepstudio.com/) revealed their first game- a Playstation exclusive title named [_WiLd_](https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/wild-ps4/) in last year’s Gamescom. This time, they showed the various features of the game in details. In the gameplay video, they showed how, playing as a shaman, you can control or even possess various animals and employ their help in your quests. There are few things in life as fun and exciting as approaching a tribe of cannibals as a rabbit and then attacking them as a swarm of ravens. The gameplay video of the _WiLd_ can be seen in the video 1:27:10 onwards.

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream is also a French developer, who are well known for their interactive story-heavy games such as Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls. They have been teasing gamers about their recent game Detroit: Beyond Human ever since 2013. They finally revealed the trailer of them game. It seems that the game will be set in a futuristic Detroit, and the theme of the game will involve artificial intelligence and consciousness. This one will also be a PS4 exclusive.

Detroit 2

Virtual Reality

There was a lot of focus on virtual reality (VR) in Playstation’s presentation. They showed games like RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, which is a competitive VR based game, and Battle Zone, but the star of Playstation VR was of course another exclusive game – Robinson: The Journey.

Developed by none other than Crytek, this game will send you to a primitive world, where aided by a what seems to be a highly advanced drone, you will navigate dense forests and encounter various dinosaurs. This game was developed on CryEngine, so I do not need to explain how realistic the visuals will be. Let’s face it- we have been waiting to play such a game using VR ever since we first watched Jurassic Park as kids.

There were a lot of other games that were featured in the presentation, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Tekken 7, Boundless, MatterFall, Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted 4, Dreams etc. Street Fighter V showcased Dhalsim and announced that six more characters will be added to the game post-launch, which will be unlockable using in-game currency. We also saw the trailers of a few games such as Star Wars: Battlefront and No Man’s Sky, but did not receive any new details about them.

Playstation 4 has been slowly gaining ground in India, and with so many great games on the way, we can say with certainty that the coming year will be great for them as well. We look forward to seeing what Microsoft does to keep up with the competition.