Everything You Need To Know About Need For Speed Heat


There have been leaks around the internet since the past 2 days about the upcoming Need For Speed game. A lot of the information from those leaks turned out to be correct, such as the name of the game plus a few more details such as – No off road, damage bars are back, gas stations to repair your car are back etc.

If you’re a Need For Speed fan, it’s safe to get a little excited for NFS Heat as the trailer for the game is out and it looks like it will mix all the things that made the previous titles in the franchise amazing. You can check out the official reveal trailer below.

Need For Speed Heat has a few twists up it’s sleeve. For one, the game has a day and night cycle, and while that isn’t revolutionary in itself today, the behavior of cops will change depending on what time of the day it is. During day time, lazier cops will roam around the city and will leave you alone if you leave them alone but during night time, more eager cops come out to play and will hunt you relentlessly if they see you. The kind of missions you get to play also changes depending on the day and night cycle, as you can do completely-legal-and-safe missions for money during the day time but can compete for illegal races during nightfall in order to earn a new kind of currency called REP. If you get busted at night, your night is over and you’ve to start your game back in the day time.

The choice between day and night is entirely your call. Had enough of the day? Then simply head to your garage and you’ll be given the option to leave within the veil of darkness. 

A lot of these information about Need for Speed Heat was dumped on the Need For Speed subreddit by one of the developers behind the upcoming title.

The developer who posted this also says that there are no lootboxes in NFS Heat and will not be added in the future, which should be a sigh of relief for most gamers today.

According to the post above, we’re supposed to get a gameplay trailer on Need For Speed Heat at Gamescom next week on the Opening Night Live. We’re also supposed to get information on how car customization works in the game. Only the coming week will reveal whether this will be one of the better games in the franchise or another game that we will soon forget.

Need For Speed is slated to come out on 8th November, 2019.