What Happened at EDGE X, Kolkata?


This article was a collaborative effort between multiple ASidCast members who attended the EDGE X event. I.e. Sayak and Trilokesh.

As gaming industry is picking up pace in India, many colleges and other educational institutions have embraced PC gaming and its related technology, which was quite evident from the gaming events in the Annual Technological Fest of Techno India College, Salt Lake. EDGE X, as the Fest is titled, took gaming quite seriously this year. Powered by leading companies in the industry, Nvidia, GIGABYTE, BenQand Logitech , several gaming events were organized.

One of the rooms were allocated to Nvidia, to create the “Nvidia Experience Zone” which featured high end PCs to play on, and experience the power of cutting edge gaming hardware from Nvidia, Intel, GIGABYTE and Zotac, providing smooth and powerful gaming with some of the latest games installed. One PC was showcased by GIGABYTE India featuring their latest G1 series of gaming hardware, and the other four was provided by Go Gaming café, RevCo and MD computers. Accessories, such as controllers, mouse, speaker and gaming headphones were the courtesy of Logitech. Beside featuring PCs and gaming hardware, Nvidia and Logitech were giving away posters featuring latest video games and caps respectively. The Experience zone was set up and organized by NVIDIA INDIA, RevCo, TechARX and AsidCast, who maintained the hardware and interacted with the gaming enthusiasts coming in, helping to make the event smooth and interesting.

Day 1

The Fest continued for three whole days, starting on the 1st of April, when all of us from AsidCast, Techarx and RevCo, prepared the Nvidia Experience Zone, along with Nvidia India and GIGABYTE. Atul Moona, Consumer business manager east India and Bangladesh, at Nvidia, and Aman Biswas, Gaming Specialist East, from Nvidia India brought the game posters, Zotac GTX 950 graphics cards and a Gainward Phantom GTX 970 Graphics card, along with gaming accessories and merchandise from Logitech.Later, Sayan Bhattacharya, the Area manager of GIGABYTE in Kolkata, arrived with the GIGABYTE G1 gaming PC which features the latest GIGABYTE Z170 series motherboard with an Intel Core i7 6700k CPU, clocked at 4.0 GHz paired with the gigabyte windforce edition of gtx 970 windforce . RevCo also contributed with a high end gaming PC. The high end RIGS were prepared to be experienced, by members of Techarx, RevCo and AsidCast.

The first day of the fest attracted a whole lot of gamers and many took interest in experiencing high end gaming with cutting edge hardware. A big crowd gathered around the table containing the gaming merchandise, the Gaming posters featuring Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Nvidia Geforce, which were being given out to the people after they registered their name, email address and phone number. The table cleared off completely within minutes, indicating a good presence of gaming enthusiasts. A good number of people also took interest in testing out latest games on high end rigs, and the room felt full of life from the moment the Fest started at around 2 p.m, and the gaming continued on full scale till it’s closure at around 5 p.m. Overall, the Experience Zone experienced a great head start on the first day, and we were all set to continue the game wave through the coming days of the Fest.

Day 2

The second day started off with bringing in another PC having a gigabyte z170 motherboard and an i5 6400 coupled it with a GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GTX 980. From RevCo Debjit and Tathagata came with their own modded PC to flaunt and the amount of money they had spent on it was not futile as many people experienced Nvidia titles at 4k! Though we were very sad that the management of the event was comparatively poor and they failed to provide us with certain amenities like internet connection and casting screen outside in the field.

But that didn’t stop the students and guests from all over India to participate in the events as the main attraction was Team Brutality who will be competing in the COUNTER STRIKE PRO LEAGUE. While I was gathering markers and posters for their autographs. People were very excited to see them in action especially their teamwork and we enjoyed a lot pewning those newbs. But not everything goes to plan ain’t it right? The internet connection was unstable and too slow which set back the organiser’s schedule of the events and because of it there was no casting and spectators were restless.

There was other gaming competitions other than Counter Strike Global Offensive. There were some all time classic multiplayer games like DOTA 2, NFS but it was the newest 2012 and as usual FIFA 16. Yes seems like Techno India invested a lot. There was MKX (Mortal Kombat X) also which attracted quite an unexpected crowd.

And well me I (Trilokesh Barua) participated in the Counter Strike Global Offensive college league with EX1L3S team consisting of (Vatsal, Ronie, Yogesh and Niltopal). We lost in the semis, though.

The event took place whole night and adding to the problems was no internet connection.

Day 3

The day started off very late because everyone was exhausted from late night work. We were expected to pack up by 4 pm but that didn’t stop the gamers to experience some latest titles on the high end machines. We were supposed to give away some posters and within minutes the whole carton box was empty. Talk about the Assassin’s Creed fans as it was the first poster to get finished early. Then was the Rainbow Six Siege one.

Talking about the events Team Invisible Wings fighting against the Scorchers (yes the ones who defeated Team Brutality last year ) and this year they looked more aggressive and Invisible Wings were no match against them. So the stage was set Team Brutality vs Team Scorchers and the maps were train,Cobblestone and cache. Team Brutality bags the first map while scorchers bagged Cobblestone. Tensions were rising as it was really evenly matched both on the paper and in game. One round down two rounds down and every team members were screaming for backup support but in the end Team SCORCHERS clinched their victory against the Brutals ending their winning streak. GGWP brutals cometh next year to prove your brutal-ness.

We were also lucky to get the winning team’s autographs i.e. THE SCORCHERS :p



This article was a collaborative effort between multiple ASidCast members who attended the EDGE X event. I.e. Sayak and Trilokesh.