EA Admits to Releasing a ‘Half-Finished’ Star Wars Battlefront to Leech off the Hype for Episode VII


At EA‘s Investor’s Day meeting, EA Studios’ head Patrick Soderlund said:

“We made this choice [to release Battlefront] due to time and being able to launch the game side-by-side with the movie that came out to get the strongest possible impact.”


The choice, was that apparently EA had taken the decision of releasing a half-finished Star Wars: Battlefront, a video game based on the popular franchise that generated mixed reviews by critics and fans alike, simply to leech off the hype that was surrounding the latest installment in the Star Wars saga that was releasing after nearly a decade. What we as the community need to understand was the simple trade-off that took place here for EA. Either ship a fully-finished game and miss the huge sales generated by the Star Wars frenzy, or ship it early and half-finished and take the hit in credibility but rake in tons of cash.

EA in the past had also given some rather ridiculous statements such as ‘most gamers won’t play singleplayer in Star Wars: Battlefront‘, and then later admitted that the game ‘may not have the depth gamers wanted’, and now we know the reason why. To bring in that truckload of money.

But EA does have a chance to make amends with fans as they have announced a sequel titled ‘Battlefront 2‘ headed for 2017. But whatever the context of hope maybe in the future, current users who paid the price certainly won’t seem happy.

 Source: Tweaktown