E-xpress is Hosting Street FIghter V Tournaments in Mumbai


With the advent of a revolution in eSports headed towards India, games that have been set in the existing cafe culture such as DOTA and Counter-Strike, have been periodically seeing a rise in tournaments for them. However, eSports are not remaining limited to the confines of MOBA and FPS games. The Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter franchises also have their fair share of tournaments for their fever fans all around the globe. India, however, has not seen the many of them, with a majority of them being marred with controversies.


Enter E-xpress’ latest venture in the form of a series of Street Fighter V competitions across their stores in Mumbai.

Scheduled to kick off on the 27th of February at Games The Shop’s store in Oberoi Mall, Mumbai, the total prize pool is ₹ 20,000, wherein each store will have a prize pool of ₹ 5,000. Dwelling over a few details, all the games have been planned to be battled on the Playstation 4. And in case you were asking, the schedule for the tournament is listed below –

  1. 27th February, Saturday  – Games The Shop,  Oberoi Mall
  2. 4th March, Friday  – Games The Shop, Hamley’s Store, Lower Parel
  3. 11th March, Friday – Games The Shop, R City Mall, Ghatkopar
  4. 18th March, Friday – Games The Shop, Infiniti Mall

Whether you have enjoyed trying out Ryu’s kicks or have countless hours trying to master the ultras, make sure to be a part of this tournament by registering here. And if you do not posses your copy already, do check out Games The Shop’s listing right here.