Details of all of Nvidia’s Software Features Released for their Pascal Lineup


Nvidia’s new pascal family is looking very strong with GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060. These three GPUs performed very well and in the recent comparison between GTX 1060 and Radeon RX 480, GTX 1060 clearly won the battle, but it’s still not clear whether this fight is fair because according to reports GTX 1060 will cost about $250 which is 50 dollars more what Radeon RX 480 costs. Today’s article will not cover a comparison between these cards, instead we’ll write about some new software features which will enhance VR experience and get us us better in-game screenshots.

Nvidia will introduce Ansel:


NVIDIA will introduce Ansel it’s not performance based but it will provide a fresher look to the in-game screenshots. Nowadays calling for in-game screenshots are simply like taking pictures it helps you capture the best moments of the game. Ansel will provide a fresh way to take screenshots. It essentially helps you to edit the screenshots and make it more attractive. This feature will first support Mirror’s Edge and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witcher 3 has the most beautiful in-game world I have ever seen so Ansel will just be like icing on a cake for video game photographers who had to use mods to reach to the same level of quality that Ansel delivers.

VR Fun House: A Fully Featured VR Game:


NVIDIA developed a new fully featured VR game which will also be a demo technology called VR Fun House. This new game will grant you a carnival-style experience. This demo uses many NVIDIA features like PhysX to create it more realistic and to provide a crisp experience with fluid dynamics, material physics, and turbulence. NVIDIA also announced that the VR Fun House will be coming to Steam this July.

VR Works:

NVIDIA is working hard on their GPUs to make it VR friendly. VR Works is the sweet fruit of that difficult work, VR Works features are their simultaneous multi-projection feature that is enabling increased performance in VR with very little computer overhead.


This feature will be arduous to carry out for the indie developers for this reason NVIDIA has directly approached the game-engine companies to implement it into game-engines directly. They have announced that simultaneous multi-projection will be occurring to both Unreal Engine and Unity, the two most popular game engines in the universe today. And then this confirms that developer will not have worked hard to implement simultaneous multi-projections because it will be already present at the engine layer.
NVIDIA already announced 30 games which will support concurrent multi-projection including games like Pool Nation VR, Everest VR, Unreal Tournament, Raw Data, Adr1ft, and Obduction.

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