Destiny 2 is Moving to Steam from


Destiny 2 originally came out under the banner of Activision Blizzard and hence, was only available on the platform that is owned by them. However, that was ages past and since then Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, have broken up with Activision and have been doing their own thing for the last few months.

Starting 1st of October, 2019 though, Destiny 2 will also be available only on Steam and not on According to a blog post released by Bungie, current players will be able to start their account transfer from 20th of August and this window of opportunity will last till 17th September if the notification is anything to go by. The blog post linked above also features a small FAQ section that may be very helpful to current Destiny 2 players as they transfer their progress onto the new platform.

Bungie released a small but helpful video notifying that all kinds of progress, saves and purchases will transfer over to the Steam version of the game. However, the video fails to mention that the version of the game will no longer be available.

The fact that Destiny 2 is moving to Steam and not going multi-platform or becoming an Epic Store exclusive perhaps also shows us that developers have not entirely given up hope on Steam as of yet.

For those of you who are from India and who do not yet own Destiny 2 but have always wanted to play it, this is good news for you since Destiny 2 on Steam is much cheaper than it is on On Steam Destiny 2 is currently available for Rs 759 whereas on, the game is at it’s lowest ever at 39$ which is still quite more than what we have to pay on Steam in INR.

Given that this would be a pretty big deal to Destiny 2 players and also Bungie as well, they’ve been kind enough to let us know the answers to a lot of questions in this separate blog post. And if you’re curious about cross-save, there’s a page answering questions on that as well.