Destiny 2 Beta: What it tells us about the upcoming MMOFPS


It’s hard to judge a game by its beta, almost as hard as it is to judge a book by its cover. The Destiny 2 beta just ended tonight and having sunk a good two hours into the Beta, I’m content and concerned at the same time.

The PC beta was heavily promoted and publicized by Activision ever since the reveal of Destiny 2 back on March 30. And surprisingly, the PC beta wasn’t extended like the console versions, probably due to the extremely polished and smooth nature of the beta build. Make no mistake, if Bungie has done anything right, it’s making sure that the beta runs at a constant 60FPS on the hardware your PC is packing (provided you stick to the auto-optimized settings).

Now moving on to the actual game, there’s nothing more to say than it is reminiscent of the original Destiny. Scratch that, Destiny 2 is a Destiny re-skin with similar graphics, art style, enemies, and mechanics. But it’s what every PC player wanted since 2014, so here we are now.

Destiny 2 Beta 01

The shooting, the punching, sliding, dashing, dodging, super-charging and murdering hordes of enemies, is undoubtedly why this game shines. Each of these mechanics was ported to PC with much care and balancing so that the addition of a Keyboard and Mouse wouldn’t make the game any easier than it is on consoles. Make no mistake, if you think you have godlike aim and skills and run headfirst into the fray, the enemies will murder you.

The other part where the game will definitely shine post-release is the loot system. Thanks to the already tried and tested loot system of the original Destiny and the addition of smart loot, players will experience a much more refined loot system in Destiny 2. The game has a variety of armors and guns with different stats and perks and every day new exotic gears are being leaked online so players will definitely have a gala time finding their poison.

The three classes and six sub-classes offer a relative amount of variety towards gameplay but the cooldown of the skills need to be a bit shorter. Although I don’t want a mage archetype, it would be nice if we could use our flashy powers more often which will refresh the pace of the game.

Destiny 2 Beta 02

The rest of the game, however, raises some serious questions in my mind. While we did get to play one story mission and one strike, both of which we have seen over the course of the last 5 months, there was no other PvE content to delve into. Not even a small playable part of the EDZ or a section of the fabled “Leviathan” raid, hell even the Nightfall version of the same strike would’ve been a much-needed challenge. And on the PvP aspect, only one map was available, which felt great design-wise but I was left expecting more from the beta. Honestly, for a game that has been hyped about both PvE and PvP content, this beta was short and leaves most of the content up for a hunch. And lately, AAA titles haven’t shown that much promise in terms of delivering on their words based on Beta/s (I’m looking at you, Tom Clancy’s The Division).

In any case, a beta is just another testing phase for a developer and an on-hands product demo for players. And I was satisfied with my time, but I can’t say about a confirmed purchase.