Destiny 2 beta players on PC have a rather unusual aiming problem


This week has been rather eventful for the people over at Bungie. They had a pretty good PC beta of their upcoming title, Destiny 2. They had some nice feedback from the PC community and for their game as well. But all is not well for the studio.

A ruckus was caused on the last day of the Destiny 2 beta by the shocking (and pretty sad, to be honest) reveal of controller aim assist being present on the PC build. A few players were somehow able to fool the system to detect a connected controller and then use the aim assist alongside the usage of Keyboard and Mouse.

Destiny 2 Beta 001

If this doesn’t sound all that worrisome to you, it should because Destiny 2 has a dedicated Player vs. Player mode to accompany it’s PvE aspect. While aim-assist on a Keyboard & Mouse shouldn’t make all that difference in PvE, it is a whole different ballgame in PvP where player skills reign supreme than gear (We’re looking at you, Gjallarhorn). And the news of a spoofed aim-assist in a AAA title does not send out a good message, especially pre-release.

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As usual, players have been divided over this issue. While one party is hellbent on calling everyone on the other team as “aimbotters”, the other faction has been pursuing Bungie forums and developers over this issue. I mean it is a pretty serious issue, just take a look.

While not that alarming to look at, it is an issue that can affect competitive nature of the game and most importantly, harm sales and reviews of the game due to an exploitative nature of a mechanic. Bungie community managers have assured players that they are looking into the matter and thanks to the nature of the beta, the issue will be addressed properly. Personally speaking, in my playtime, I didn’t experience someone like this. My PvP experience in Destiny 2 Beta was rather fun and exciting considering I don’t enjoy small scale PvP all that much.

In any case, this issue will be addressed accordingly soon enough and hopefully, we will not see players flying into a fit of rage once the game releases. Until then, keep an eye out for more Destiny 2 related articles, we’ll keep you up-to-date.