Deadpool Reveals Christmas Trailer


With all the popularity of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens this Christmas, it seems that Fox is a bit jealous of all the attention, and wants to remind us that they have been working on something very cool as well. Hence, the sudden Christmas trailer for Deadpool.


The trailer doesn’t give much new information, except more of the same from the previous trailer, to imply that this movie would be something very different and unique than the usual ones.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say imply? They say it outright in the trailer. They really want us to know this is not just another superhero movie, but one with lots of violence and swear words. We also get a quick look at Deadpool’s origin story, and we see a lot more of Colossus this time, along with the lovely Morena Baccarin.

February 12 is exactly six weeks away, and we can’t wait to see if Ryan Reynolds would make a better Deadpool than his disappointing Green Lantern.