Cyber Gaming Entertainment’s Flagship Event ‘Clan Wars’ Returns This February


Back in 2013, when eSports was, and still is one of the upcoming industries to hit India, Cyber Gaming Entertainment (CGE) dived right in with their very first installment of a series of eSports competitions based on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, namely Clan Wars. Today, in association with some of the tallest brands in the scene, CGE is back with Clan Wars Season 5 starting 21st of this February.


In association with Amazon and the likes TP-Link as Title Sponsor, Antec and Roccat as Co-Sponsors, Benq as e-Sports Monitor Partner, Zion as RAM Partner, Gigabyte as Motherboard Partner, Inno3D and Nvidia as GPU partner, ARG Lounge as Venue Partner and Drag2Death as server partner, expectations are raised even higher after the immaculate successes that CGE has seen consecutively for the past many years. Taking things in their own words, Cyber Gaming Entertainment refers to Clan Wars as ‘launched with the sole aim of promoting E-Sports in India and provide gamer’s the better tournament platform which they deserve for.’ And from what we all can tell, CGE’s concept has surely gone to achieve that and much more.

Dwelling over a few details about the event:

• There are 6 rounds of qualifiers- 2 Online and 4 Offline. The entry fees for the tournament is just INR 1000 for LAN qualifiers and INR 500 for online qualifiers.
• The offline qualifiers are coming to Mumbai on 21 February, Kolkatta on 24 February, Delhi on 28 February and to Bangalore on 11 & 12 March. The two online qualifiers will be held on 3rd and 5th March on dedicated servers.
• The Grand Finale is scheduled to happen on 13th March, 2016 at ARG Lounge, Bangalore where the qualified teams will meet together for the final showdown.
• For more information regarding the schedule, check it out here.


Regarding the prize pool and some other things that you should know about the event:

• There will be 8 teams fighting for the trophy on the date of the Finale, 6 of which will be the winners of the qualifiers and the other groups of players include- Team Brutality and Team Mission in Stealth, two of the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in India. They have been invited over for the party and we are sure that you’ll be excited to play against them.
• The total prize is 1,50,000 INR. The reward for 1st place in the tournament is INR 80,000, for 2nd place is INR 40,000, for 3rd place is INR 20,000 and for the 4th place is INR 10,000.
• For further knowledge about the segregation, check out the link here.

Don’t forget to check out the sick trailer of Clan Wars Season 5 below. See you in the battlefield!