Conflict coming to The Division soon- New Incursions, Gear items and Dark Zone activities


Tom Clancy’s The Division, initially saw a huge number of people signing in, but then the number had dropped because of performance issues, bugs, cheaters and no interesting activities. Ubisoft released Update 1.1 titled “Incursions” on 12th April, with some fixes, and a free DLC mission titled “Falcon Lost” and new gear sets, featuring new gear items.

With the update 1.1, gamers may have noticed another Incursions mission just North of Clinton area titled “Broken Circle” and a text reading “coming soon in a free update” and it had a minimum recommended gear score of 220.

A few hours ago, Ubisoft shed more light on their new update, update 1.2 titled “Conflict” which will feature a new Incursions mission “Clear Sky” which features clearing out Rikers controlling a SAM site and taking back the area to clear the Manhattan airspace. While this mission has the same objective as Broken Circle, facing off against the same enemy faction, the Rikers, situated in the same area, the Columbus circle, just north of Clinton, this requires a gear score of 180. The Clear Sky Incursion may be an updated version of the Broken Circle that was previously teased, lowering the required gear score.

This Update will feature new Gear Sets, named “Hunter’s Faith” for Sniper build, “Lone Star” for Solo build, “Final Measure” for Defuser/tactician build and “Predator’s Mark” for Assault build. Along with these, four new High end weapons are also incoming, namely, Hungry HOG M60 LMG, Centurion M1911 Pistol, MEDVED SAIGA12 Shotgun and Historian M1A Marksman Rifle.

Besides new missions and items, the update will also feature new named enemies across Manhattan- An LMB leader named “Bluebird”, a cleaner boss named “Dixon” and Rioter Leaders “Trio Crew”.

New Dark Zone activities are also coming. Now, agents can interrupt an ongoing extraction by cutting the rope and claiming all the loot, so players will have to stay and secure their loot till they depart. Named enemies in Dark Zones can drop sealed Caches that contain mystery items.

The Update 1.2 “Conflict” will be released worldwide on 24th May for free. For more information on The Division and the new Conflict Update, stay tuned right here!